4 Latest Technological Trends in Operation Management

Technological Trends in Operation Management

Operations have drastically changed over the past years, especially as more and more people realize the value of working remotely. Different arrangements have been made in various workplaces across the United States, and technology is at the core of them.

If you are managing a workplace, you want to be on top of these trends to make sure that your company keeps up with its competitors. The key is to study such changes and comes up with a method on how to implement them in your business. You can start by checking out these technological trends.

The Shift to Digital

The past decades saw the fast-paced emergence of technology, which rapidly made its way not only to major companies but also to small businesses, even homes. Today, a typical household has more than one computer or smart device that helps connect users to different services.

In the workplace, one manifestation of this change is the use of computers for different aspects of the operation, from production to management such as keeping digital archives instead of pen and paper records. Your company can keep pace with competitors by deploying advanced technology like this and more.

Prioritizing Employee Experience

One of the most important reasons why operation managements undergo such changes is employee experience. Remember, the direct subject of operations is the staff. Many of these trends are implemented to make sure that workers are not only productive, but also motivated, contented, and respected.

Blended Workplace Setups

Another great example of the use of digital technologies is the implementation of blended workplace environments. With the events of the past few years, more and more companies are allowing hybrid setups, with some people working remotely full- or part-time.

This is possible with the use of digital technologies such as video conference platforms, secure file-sharing services, and instantaneous communication tools.

Of course, some companies prefer having some sort of oversight, which is why they use tracking software and other similar technologies.

Focus on Customer Relationship

Customer relationship is another important reason for changes in operations. Any inefficiencies and ineffectiveness can lead to unhappy customers. This is why these trends are not only geared toward improving employee experience but also boosting customer satisfaction.

Digital solutions can help in finding out how customers feel about the company and its services or goods. Some of the tools that help include online surveys and customer service contact forms.

Why Haplen?

Haplen is a project management software that can help operations managers maintain the productivity of the workplace while satisfying the needs of its staff and customers.


This tool opens opportunities for planning, execution, collaboration, delivery, and remote work through its numerous features. With Haplen’s help, managers can outline objectives and milestones, assign tasks, monitor progress, and generate reports, all in one platform.

The Bottom Line

Keeping up with trends is a huge responsibility of operations managers, but implementing them can make a significant difference in the workplace. With Haplen, you can not only improve your operations but also increase your bottom line through technological solutions.