Reduce errors, streamline processes, and spend less time on mundane tasks

Automation empowers organizations to reduce errors, streamline processes, and save time by eliminating manual effort and optimizing efficiency. By harnessing the automation capabilities offered by the Haplen project management website, teams can enhance accuracy, increase productivity, and focus on more strategic initiatives.

  1. The Power of Automation:
    • Understanding the transformative impact of automation on productivity and accuracy.
    • Exploring the benefits of reducing manual effort and human error.
  2. Reducing Errors through Automation:
    • Identifying error-prone tasks and areas in existing processes.
    • Implementing automated quality control checks and validations.
    • Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect anomalies.
  3. Streamlining Processes with Automation:
    • Analyzing current processes to identify repetitive and time-consuming tasks.
    • Automating routine steps to eliminate redundancies and bottlenecks.
    • Adopting workflow management systems to optimize task sequencing.
  4. Saving Time with Automated Workflows:
    • Identifying manual tasks that can be automated using technology.
    • Exploring automation features within the Haplen project management website.
    • Streamlining data entry, report generation, and administrative processes.
  5. Leveraging Haplen’s Automation Capabilities:
    • Utilizing Haplen’s automation features for task assignment and progress tracking.
    • Integrating with external automation tools and APIs.
    • Maximizing efficiency through intelligent scheduling and resource allocation.
  6. Continuous Improvement through Automation:
    • Encouraging a culture of process optimization and automation adoption.
    • Seeking feedback from team members to identify automation opportunities.
    • Regularly reviewing and refining automated workflows for optimal performance.



Haplen Solution is Ideal For 3 Distinct Use Cases


Case 1

Project Portfolio Management for the PMO

Plan and manage your portfolio projects with ease. From a single view, our extremely intuitive portfolio management capability provides top-down overview of all projects in the portfolio, as well as all of the tools needed to manage projects and resources successfully. Haplen allows customers to keep track of project progress and performance throughout the duration of their projects, from drag-and-drop task planning through our unique project status reporting procedure.


Case 2

Haplen for Embedded Services Teams

Embedded Services Organizations (ESO) leverage Haplen to help plan their incoming services engagements, forecast their demand for resources and capacity to deliver, manage the execution of service projects with accurate information and status reporting, and measure the effectiveness of projects for improved planning the next time around. ESOs working to implement software, track resource utilization against a fixed-fee agreement, or improve their margins leverage Haplen to help improve projects and meet their business objectives.


Case 3

Haplen for Business Transformation Units

For teams with a business transformation initiative going on, it makes a big difference to have a sound project and portfolio management practice in place to help with change management. PPM helps business transformation units plan and manage change throughout the organization, centralize information into a single location, and track progress against goals. Ease communication and drive change from the top down for best implementation of your strategic transformation through sound PPM.

Key Benefits of Using Haplen

Project and Portfolio Management

Create hierarchies and architect your projects to meet business objectives

Resource Management

Improve resource planning, management and efficiency, and track performance of resources for improved forecasting and planning

Agile Portfolio Management

Bring your agile strategy to the portfolio level with prioritized backlogs, agile resource strategy and dynamic execution so your team is always executing the most important projects

Strategic Alignment

Align your organization with business priorities from the top down. Ensure you are balancing maintenance projects with innovative initiatives

Work Management

Bottom up flexibility and execution provides teams with an easy way to update tasks and get information into a central location

Reporting and Dashboards

Gain visibility into all project work for improved communication and decision making