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View your team’s progress on a single shared calendar

Your project manager’s control center. The calendar view is an important tool for project management as it provides a visual representation of the project timeline, tasks, milestones, and resource utilization.

This view allows project managers to quickly identify any potential conflicts, track progress, and understand the workload of individual team members. It also enables teams to stay on top of deadlines, allocate resources efficiently, and meet project milestones. By using a calendar view, project managers can gain a comprehensive understanding of the project schedule, which helps them to make informed decisions and to effectively communicate project status to stakeholders.


Types of Views


Case 1

Project Timeline View

A view that displays the entire project timeline, including start and end dates, milestones, and tasks. This view can be used to get an overall understanding of the project schedule and to identify any potential conflicts or delays.


Case 2

Task Assignee View

A view that displays tasks assigned to a specific team member, showing their individual schedule and workload. This view can be used to understand the workload of individual team members and to ensure that everyone is adequately supported.


Case 3

Resource Utilization View

A view that displays the utilization of resources, such as equipment or conference rooms, over time. This view can be used to identify any resource conflicts and to make informed decisions about resource allocation.


Case 4

Milestone View

A view that displays the project milestones, showing the status of each milestone and the tasks that must be completed to reach it. This view can be used to track the progress of the project and to ensure that milestones are being met on schedule.


Case 5

Custom View

A view that can be customized to display specific information based on the needs of the project manager or team. This view can be used to display information that is most relevant to a particular role or task, and to provide a tailored view of the project.

Key Benefits of Using Haplen

Project and Portfolio Management

Create hierarchies and architect your projects to meet business objectives

Resource Management

Improve resource planning, management and efficiency, and track performance of resources for improved forecasting and planning

Agile Portfolio Management

Bring your agile strategy to the portfolio level with prioritized backlogs, agile resource strategy and dynamic execution so your team is always executing the most important projects

Strategic Alignment

Align your organization with business priorities from the top down. Ensure you are balancing maintenance projects with innovative initiatives

Work Management

Bottom up flexibility and execution provides teams with an easy way to update tasks and get information into a central location

Reporting and Dashboards

Gain visibility into all project work for improved communication and decision making