How Haplen Helps Educational Institutions Adjust to Trends


The need for education may be constant, but the way it is conducted evolves. Whereas classroom settings and table discussions were the standards in the past, there is now a need for more flexible and dynamic approaches without compromising effectiveness.

If your education institution is preparing to make way for trends like shifting from traditional platforms to more modern ones, you should see to it that you are using the right tools to help facilitate this change

The use of project management software like Haplen is one of the best ways to make this process more feasible. This program has a lot to offer to administrators and educators. Know how it can help educational institutions become more conducive to changes in trends.

New teaching and learning trends require the use of technology to set goals, monitor progress, and fulfill them. As educators or administrators, you want to make sure that such adjustments are done efficiently and effectively.

Haplen can help you make sure that every member of the institution is aware of what needs to be done, how much has been done, and what tasks are completed. It offers a way to schedule tasks and subtasks, and track every milestone until the project has been completed. All of these are viewable by team members.

Helps Overcome Collaboration Challenges

The thing about work settings today is that they have become more hybrid than before. Some people may be working from the office, while others may be doing the tasks from home. If inter-department collaboration has been challenging before, imagine how complex it would be now.

The good news is those project management platforms have made it easier to collaborate no matter the time and place. Haplen opens up communication lines in one single platform. With it, you can communicate using Slack and Zoom, share files using Dropbox, and check your schedule using Google Calendar.

It is also integrated with other tool like Harvest, Google Drive, GitHub, Okta, Toggl Track, Teams, and many more.

Facilitates Quick Issues Addressing and Adjustments

One of the biggest challenges of working on a project to accommodate valuable educational trends is the fact that each member may be unpredictable. Some may have differing opinions about the matter, others may take more time completing their assigned tasks, while yet others may need more supervision.

Haplen can help address these issues by giving project managers the ability to make adjustments to their timelines. Say, one of the members made reasonable suggestions that may be valuable but will expand the timeline. If an extension is not a problem, Haplen lets you easily change the calendar and adjust the tasks.

Any issues that need communicating can also be settled with the help of the integrated communication platforms and built-in metrics reporting for stronger pursuance of accountability within the team.

The Bottom Line

Making way for trends that add value to education may be a complex matter, but it does not need to be difficult to achieve. With the help of Haplen, your educational institution can make necessary adjustments through efficient project management.