Web Development teams prefer which method, Kanban or Scrum?

Web Development teams prefer which method Kanban or Scrum?

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It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

  • Kanban is a fairly straightforward method that would be ideal for a team managing a flow of work requests that are not necessarily associated with a project. It is frequently used in conjunction with Scrum to manage the flow of work within a sprint.
  • Scrum is significantly more suitable for project work due to the systematic changes in requests are design changes.
  • Scrum is more flexible at multiple stages of the project.

Kanban lacks all of the Scrum components that are typically required for project-level work.


  • There are no meetings, such as Daily Standups, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective, which are often required for coordinating and planning the work.
  • There is no Sprint methodology – All work is done in one continuous flow.
  • There is normally no mechanism for organizing and prioritizing work to be done such as a Product Backlog
  • There are no roles such as Product Owner and Scrum Master.

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