Project Management Road Map

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    Project Management Road Map

    Step 1: Go to our Infographic Maker iList and Press on that New iList button.

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    Number 2

    Step 2: Begin by giving your infographic a Title. Preferably a catchy one to grab user’s interest. In the next row, we have three options – Info Lists, Graphic Lists, and Infographics. Infographics is selected by default – so nothing needs to be done there.

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    Number 3

    Step 3: Next, you can select a template for your InfoGraphic from a lightbox window which shows a preview of all the available templates. Click on the template you want to start with. Don’t worry. You can change it later. Anytime!.

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    Number 4

    Step 4: Now comes the fun part. You can now start adding your bullet points for the Lists. Each bullet point or list items can have a Title Text, Description Text, and Image (or Icon).

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